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Healing with Emma Lucy Knowles

Emma Lucy Knowles is a Clairvoyant and intuitive hands on healer , crystal reader and meditation teacher. Emma Lucy started her exploration of her ‘skills’ at the tender age of 7 years old having suffered with a bout of childhood depression as a result of her heightened sensitivities and powerful unexplained senses – she had a difficulty in learning how to become, understand and communicate herself in a world in which she was striving far too hard to be ‘normal’.

Subsequently living what she describes as a very ‘full life’ made of enriching experiences – Emma Lucy has set about making her transformation of her life pains into power and in turn making this life’s work a power to benefit all. Working with a worldwide base of people and souls form across the load - helping them to discover and uncover how to overcome and transmute their pains, in their own way, in their own time - into heart felt success – and using her own life, her experience, the power of energy and the power of crystals to guide and gather a powerful crowd of what she lovingly calls The Overcomers.

Emma’s first book The Power of Crystal Healing (Pop Press @ Penguin Random House) was released in March 2018 and is now a best seller with translations made in 8 languages. Her second book is due for release 2021