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UXUA : Free meals to the community

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa Focuses on Distribution of Free Meals to Vulnerable Members of the Trancoso Community


In response to the evolving pandemic, this week UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa in Trancoso - a Brazilian hotel focused on sustainable tourism - has stopped receiving guests under guidance of its Medical Director, Dr Jullian Yamamoto. In light of this, Chef Ju Pedrosa is making efforts to feed vulnerable members of the hotel’s community, such as the elderly who should remain in isolation and local youth denied their complimentary school lunches, facing malnutrition as the local tourism economy has unprecedentedly halted. The hotel is keeping 80% of its staff at home, in accordance with social distancing recommendations.

UXUA creator, Wilbert Das says, ‘’The wellness of the planet was a key value in the founding of UXUA and we’re privileged to have a great doctor on our team who guides us everyday to map out ways that a group of our employees can continue working safely and tactically to support their community. Dr Jullian believes a small kitchen staff armed with good sanitary procedures can do a lot during this period to combat Troncoso’s potential nutritional crisis.’’

UXUA co-founder Bob Shevlin states “community nutrition was always a focus of ours, in 2018 UXUA began providing 5 volunteers to the NGO Observatório Social to obtain better quality lunches in Trancoso’s municipal schools, as well as developing community gardens and the Organic Festival Trancoso. Coronavirus is known to be life-threatening for the elderly or weak but it's now threatening malnutrition for entire families here as a result of the interruption of tourism in an economy totally dependent on it. We can’t just watch this and do nothing, we need to help ease the suffering of people during this crisis.”

Besides providing lunch boxes for the community in partnership with local NGO such as Association Despertar, UXUA is making its medical director Dr. Jullian Hamamoto with a specialty in nutrition is available 24/7 to local hospitals, “when I began running full-time the UXUA VIDA LAB – a nutrition-research facility connected to UXUA’s VIDA SPA - Wilbert and Bob asked me to dedicate one day per week to emergency medicine at a public hospital so I’d stay connected to the community, as is the UXUA ethos. I’m blessed now to be able to volunteer myself full-time to respond to this crisis.”

To help serve local clients of UXUA’s restaurants who are now staying home, chef Ju Pedrosa is proposing each day a limited menu available for delivery at a deeply reduced price, “Dr. Jullian has emphasized the objective now for all Trancoso is social distancing, that’s the number 1 priority. We’re working with a very small team and precise sanitary precautions because offering meal delivery is a way to keep people home, and it's something normal for a big city but not widely available in this village.”

Dr. Jullian feels the delivery of free meals to some of Trancoso’s elderly in particular has a chance to reduce risk of them getting infected, “experts in Italy believe high infection and death rates among the elderly there has an unfortunate connection to a beautiful aspect of that society, which is the closeness of multi-generational families. Where elderly are in frequent contact with their younger relatives, eating and spending time together, they greatly increase their risk of exposure to viruses. Delivering free ready-made meals can hopefully make it easier for some elderly persons in Trancoso to remain solitary for the next weeks or months. No-one wants to be alone, but social distancing is really advised in this period, and especially for vulnerable persons.”