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Sugar and Spice Christmas Grotto at Bedruthan

This year, Bedruthan have created a magical world featuring Nordic Gnomes, snow pits, a winter woodland and an underground Grotto for your children where they can meet Father Christmas! Below details the magical journey from start to finish…

Meet the Tomtes

Father Christmas has been waiting all year to introduce you to his new friends, the Tomtes. The Tomtes are a family of Nordic Gnomes who have come all the way from Norway to Cornwall to visit their cousins, the Cornish Piskies who live here at the hotel.

Throw Snowballs

With all the heavy ‘snowfall’ forecast at the Bedruthan Grotto, the Tomtes are so excited to make snow angels and throw snowballs with you. Make sure you get a selfie with one of them! . They would love it if you’d share your snaps of them online with the #BedruthanGrotto handle.

Collect Magic Stars

Next, you will be guided under the snow-laden branches of our Winter Wood, all the way to the underground Grotto itself. Here, you’ll enter a magical subterranean chamber where Astrid and her fellow Tomtes will help you hunt for magic stars to power Father Christmas’ sleigh on its Christmas Eve journey around the globe.

Make A Christmas Wish

Once you’ve found all the stars, you’ll need to get crafty and create a beautiful name badge for yourself, as well as write down your special Christmas wish to hang on Mawgan, our magical wishing tree. These wishes really do come true, just you wait and see.

Meet Father Christmas

Then it will be time to pull up a toadstool for your special audience with Father Christmas. And if you’ve been good this year, then the Tomtes are sure to have brought you a gift.

You have been good, haven’t you?

Make A Christmas Decoration

Finally, head back through the Winter Wood to the Tomtes' workshop where you can make your very own pottery decoration for your Christmas tree.

The Grotto is also available to all who stay at Bedruthan in the Christmas period. Find out more about the festive packages offered this season by clicking here.