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Nature still draws a crowd

The buzz of the summer has arrived at The Lost Gardens of Heligan as the iconic gardens and estate reveal a Wildflower Wonder courtesy of renowned British Artist, Jamie Reid.

Known for his works with the Sex Pistols and Suburban Press, Jamie Reid might not be someone who you might associate with Heligan, until now. 
11 acres of glorious wildflowers within Valentine’s Field have awoken to help create Jamie’s latest work in the form of the eight-fold year. Visitors to Heligan are encouraged to open their senses to the sights, smells and sounds of corn marigold, corn chamomile, cornflower, bees and other vital pollinators within the intriguing Ova.

Alasdair Moore, Head of Gardens and Estate said, “We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the artist Jamie Reid. The Ova symbolises the eight-fold year and to have Jamie’s design quite literally rooted in Heligan’s soil is a beautiful thing.” 
The Ova at Heligan represents a shared and ancient bond with the earth, with nature and the seasons, something that is deeply meaningful for all at Heligan. The joy of this project is that it has brought so many folk together – Heligan, John Marchant Gallery, the Sensory Trust and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. The team at Heligan were also delighted to work with Richard Scott of the National Wildflower Centre once again.  

Alasdair continues, “We hope it will be a good excuse for everyone, for friends and family, to come together at the Ova and take a stroll through the eight-fold year in bloom. 
The project is also just a great way just to get out into the wildflowers and appreciate the buzz of pollinators amidst the drifts of corn marigold, corn chamomile and cornflower. It’s all about the beauty! 

The exciting thing is that the happenings great and small around the Ova will continue for months to come, with Druids, music and celebrations to come.” 
Jamie Reid said, “the OVA symbol represents rebirth and growth and healing and encompasses the points of the 8-fold year, the solstices and equinoxes which will be revealed throughout the year at Heligan”. 

Joining Jamie on this wildflower journey has been close friend, gallerist, curator and art director John Marchant who said, “both Jamie Reid and myself are extremely grateful to the team at Heligan for giving us the opportunity to realise this extraordinary project. Seeing the OVA emerge in Valentine’s Meadow like this has been an extraordinary dream, which will continue to offer up its gifts in many unseen ways. For many of us, our connection to the celestial calendar and to our relationship with the earth has become distant. This wonderful artwork helps us to remember how the seasons turn, how everything changes and to encourage us to walk lightly.” 
Heligan’s spectacular wildflower is now in bloom for visitors to enjoy and is alive with the sounds of bees and other vital pollinators.  


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