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Harvest at Heligan

As the nights slowly start to draw in, and the golden autumn sun slides across the fields, it is a time to celebrate harvest, and where better than at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, where they will be marking this wonderful of the year with a series of demonstrations and events for all ages.

Visit this October to marvel at the bounty of their gardens and estate, from the Kitchen Garden to the fields and woodland: vegetables, fruit, herbs, seeds, meat, flowers and even timber, all from Heligan.

This year’s harvest theme is the past, present and future. Heligan Harvest 2021 will be going back in time as visitors can eavesdrop on the ghosts of the Victorian garden. Visitors can enjoy the present with delicious food and drink, as well as celebrating our current team who tend the gardens, farm and estate. The future also beckons with demonstrations to develop your own harvesting skills for next year and thinking about Heligan’s future, be it further restoration of the Flower Garden or combatting climate change with cows!

Harvest is as much a time of year as it is a physical gathering of crops. Traditionally, it’s like its own mini-season squeezed into the blurry margins between summer and autumn. Harvest is also about the whole year, not just these precious weeks. Harvest is about times past, the labours of gardeners and farmers tending their crops, of the sunshine and the rain of months ago and of what was once just a seed that now provides us with fruit. Harvest is about the future too, of the food we’ll enjoy in the winter to come and of the seeds that we’ll store for next year’s spring, when the whole beautiful process will begin again.

The Harvest Display – Daily in the Reserve Yard

For the first time in 20 years of Harvest celebrations, the amazing displays of gourds taken from The Gardens and Estate will be displayed within the Walled Gardens. With pumpkins and squashes of all sizes, you'll be amazed at the wonderful autumn colours and shapes!

Daily Taste Testers

2.30pm on Flora’s Green

Join Heligan’s team of chef’s alongside the gardeners to delight in the creations of some delicious treats including beetroot brownies, pumpkin breads and more! Visitors can also take home a recipe card to recreate these delicious recipes at home.

Cooking Demonstrations with Chef Nat Tallents

9th & 10th October 12pm-1pm on the East Lawn Decking

Join Nat to discuss the impact of sustainability and the future of food – and of course some delicious tastings!

Weekend Crafts 10am-4pm

Corn Dolly Making – learn how to make a traditional corn dolly to decorate your home during harvest! Ideal for children ( or crafty adults too!)

The Harvest Big Draw – Saturday 10am-4pm

Join the team capturing the colours and shapes of the harvest under the guidance of Ruth Perkins, former design and interpretation artist at Heligan. Ruth will be on hand to advise on media and technique, and Heligan wll provide all materials (but you are also welcome to bring your own)

Apples and Pears with Martin and  the Cider Gang

Monday 11th-Friday 15th in The Woodturners Lean-to

Join Heligan Gardeners Martin and the cider gang for a fun and informative demonstation on how to use traditional methods to make cider, juice and cider vinegar – all from the Heligan’s own orchards!

Harvest Feast Night 15 October 2021

Harvest Feast Nights are back on the menu in the Heligan Kitchen as they announce a special night to showcase the many wonders produced within the iconic gardens and estate.
The evening will begin with live music and a welcome drink of Rhubarb Fizz, using rhubarb grown within their very own Kitchen Garden.Guests will be seated for an array of tasting platters, highlighting Heligan’s best homegrown heritage produce and rare breed meats, all cooked by the talented Heligan Kitchen Team.

This evening will be hosted by Chef Nat Tallents and Head of Livestock, Pip Coard, who will be on hand to discuss rare breeds at Heligan and regenerative farming programme This evening meal with be held within the Heligan Kitchen Conservatory and will begin at 6.30pm

Tickets are £35pp and can be booked online by clicking here.   

Woodturning with Jon Arnold

10th,12th and 15th October From 10am Woodturners Workshop

Watch local Woodturner Jon work with Heligan timber to create some unique and decorate pieces.

Charcoal Burning in the Lost Valley – witness the heritage practise of burning charcoal in the Lost Valley.

Notes to Editors

The Lost Gardens of Heligan were rediscovered from the brambles of time by Tim Smit and John Willis, who were the catalysts for a 30 year project that continues to this day.  Heligan remains one of the most loved and romantic gardens in the UK, appreciated as much for its beauty and mystery as for the ground breaking restoration project.

Over 200 acres are now a paradise for the explorer, wildlife, plant lover and garden romantic. Victorian Productive Gardens and Pleasure Grounds beckon, along winding paths laid out over two centuries ago. The Jungle takes you on a sub-tropical journey through bamboo tunnels and under majestic tree ferns, giant rhubarb, and bananas whilst the estate reveals a lost world of traditional and rare breeds, wildlife and ancient woodlands.

Heligan is a garden for all seasons, so whether you plan to visit in the hazy buzz of mid-summer, or the tranquillity of winter, you are guaranteed a unique experience.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan is a member of The Great Gardens of Cornwall, a group of the finest Cornwall gardens. Open 364 days a year, pre-booking is essential at this time.